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A small library to download data from AVISO. It uses the AVISO’s DAP server, to optimize the use of the net, downloading only the selected subset. For that, you need to register a username and password at AVISO. It’s free. The data is downloaded in blocks, so don’t overload AVISO’s server, and run safe in unstable networks.

Fast aviso howto

Run this in the shell, outside Python, to install the library:

pip install aviso

Now try this to download some data into a NetCDF file:

AVISO_download -R -5/310/15/350 -D 1999-01-01/1999-06-01 -u user_at_AVISO_DAP -p password_at_AVISO_DAP –map=’madt+msla’ –timestep=30 -o aviso.nc


This is not an official package, so please do not complain with AVISO if you have any trouble with it.

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